About Us

Who are we?

Jonny Logo is a full-service promotional products company. We pride ourselves in choosing the best product options in the global industry, this includes everything from items made in America to custom and uniquely-produced options we create and ship factory-direct. We offer a wide range of promotional items, apparel, and graphic design services as well as all forms of merchandising services, print media, internet graphics, and custom-sized banners to help promote your business.

Our Values

Here at Jonny Logo, we believe that our cohesive approach to branding and marketing delivers better results and is less demanding on your marketing budget overall. Our values lie in exceptional personalized service for all of our clients and in the unquestionable quality of the products that we sell. We populate our website with items we approve of, from suppliers that have demonstrated superior printing and embellishing services.

That “Jonny Logo Fix”

One thing we take great joy in is our ability to help our customers feel at home. At our company, we could ask for nothing more! Whether you’re speaking with us on the phone, through email, or stopping by in person, we’re here to help you through any part of our process.