Imprint Types


 Applique   Deboss  Deep Etch  Emboss
Pieces of fabric are sewn onto a larger piece to form the image. 


Design is impressed into item's surface, creating an indent.


The abrading or roughening of a glass in selected areas in order to produce a design.

Carve, mold, or stamp a design so that it's imprinted as a relief.

Embroidery Foil Stamp Full Color Heat Transfer

Design is stitched onto the item.

Metallic foil is applied to surface with a heated dye, leaving an imprint.

Image is printed in CMYK, allowing for the use of photos.

Heat bonds image to the item's surface.

 Laser Engraved  Pad Print  Satin Etched  Screen-print

Imprint is engraved in the item via laser.

Imprint is transferred to item with an inked flexible pad.

Image is etched into glass through the use of chemicals.


Image is pressed onto the item's surface through a screen.